Sherman Poon

Spend the last 2 decades in China, worked for several MNC and state-owned companies. Participants in a few startups, been worked with few good, bad, ugly entrepreneurs, bosses, and leaders. Witness the fall of foreign companies in China and the raising local enterprise.

Working from home

Getting more and more people working from home, my friends, ex-colleague, neighbour and even student ask to study from home once a week. I firmly believe this will become an ongoing practice which is good because it will give business much more flexibility in workforce arrangement, office space and operation cost. But somehow lots of …

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How can I stay positive?

How Can I Stay Positive? In the world of today, where negativity has gone rife, being positive could sometimes be challenging. However, being positive is very important as it is crucial to success. What then is positivity? Positivity is described as the act of having always had an optimistic view of things. It also deals …

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