Does Everyone Need leadership?

Leadership to follow

In a world where everyone has divergent views, an issue that has become a subject of the intense discourse is the issue of leadership. This is what brings us to the pertinent question; does everyone needs leadership?


It would be improper to delve into the crux of such an intense question without first asking the important question; what is leadership?


In simple terms, leadership has to deal with influencing or motivating people to accomplish a thing. In doing that, the leader uses some special skills to accomplish this.


At this point, it is crucial to answering the question asked above; does everyone need leadership? Yes, everyone needs leadership. In a situation where there are no leaders, what will be obtainable is anarchy, chaos among other things. It is, therefore, important to ask that given that we need leadership, what are those qualities that should be found in a leader? As a leader, one of the foremost qualities to possess is vision. This is because no achievement can be done without having a vision. This vision will serve as a catalyst to produce groundbreaking results. In addition, a leader has to be accountable must be resilient, humble, and must be a wonderful communicator.


For leaders to produce effective leadership and justify the need for leaders, there are certain skills that they must possess that will make them stand out. These skills are not learned in a day as they are developed intentionally over time. You want to know those skills, right? Well, the skills are:



Planning & Delivery Skills

  • This skill is one of the most important skills for leaders as it helps them to visualize things and draw out workable plans for them to come to fruition

Strategic Thinking

  • Although it related to planning and delivery, it pertains to having a clear idea or vision of the goal to be accomplished and not shifting ground until that goal is accomplished.

In conclusion, although, there are more leadership skills and reasons to justify why everyone needs leadership, it is important that in any leadership position we find ourselves, we handle it with utmost sincerity and professionalism.