What can I do with my bad habits?

What can I do with my bad habits?


As humans, we have lots of behaviours that we exhibit that, over time, become habits. When a behaviour becomes a habit, it becomes difficult to change. We need to note that habits do not necessarily mean they are bad. However, in this discourse, what is our primary concern is bad habits. It would be inappropriate to delve into this without asking; what are bad habits?


Mostly, bad habits have to do with patterns of behaviour that are negative. Bad habits make us unhappy. Sometimes, they make people distance themselves from us. Bad habits could range from basic things such as biting one’s nails to huge and hurtful words such as gossip and backbiting, among other things. It has been discovered according to research that every human battle with at least one bad habit in their lifetime.


You are guilty of one bad habit. You don’t have to beat yourself up; the question we need to ask ourselves is that what can we do with our bad habits? The best answer is to get rid of them! However, it is easier said than done. How can an individual get rid of bad habits?


How to get rid of bad habits

It is essential to note that although we can claim to want to get rid of bad habits, in reality, they can only be replaced with good ones. Therefore, to get rid of bad habits, you must;

  • Cut out all the prompts of that habit case you smoke, do not associate yourself with smokers or go anywhere where you can smoke, if its addiction to TV, hide the remote control somewhere where you can’t locate it. That way, you’ll cut out the prompts


  • Get a substitute for that habit must plan as to how you want to get rid of that bad habit. For instance, instead of smoking, you can do exercises that would stimulate your lungs; instead of procrastinating, you can set to-do lists for yourself and compensate yourself when those you do those things.

Although getting rid of bad habits still has more solutions, it is essential to note that whatever solution you adopt, you must be perseverant and intentional abou8t it as bad habits do not dissipate in a day.