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Why We Are Facing So Many Difficulties?

As we grow older in years and experience, we begin to question human existence and wonder why it is plagued with challenges. Life becomes frustrating when we are faced with difficulties and uncertainty. Some problems are so fierce they drive us into questioning the meaning of life, the essence of our existence and why we bother to push through each day. This frustration becomes extreme when we fail to understand that the beauty of life is seen when we undergo and overcome those hard times that sworn to tear us to bits. It is in surviving challenges our success story becomes an inspiration, and our life becomes worthy of owning a leaf in the book of history. Getting paranoid, throwing blames, or jabs at others do nothing to smooth out woes.


Nevertheless, there is no pride in always facing difficulties; neither can one go through life without facing any. Therefore, the goal is to limit to the best of our ability the chances of severe and unfavourable occurrences. And to ensure that when they do occur, victory is ours.


Still, why do we face difficulties? Do you know that we are sometimes the authors of our misfortunes? Yes!  We sometimes face problems due to poor choices or our very own habits. If you are a frequent extravagant spender with poor investments, you will undoubtedly run into financial difficulties, and that is a fact. Also, as an unrepentant pokenoser, you will find yourself in issues that will bring not just the wind, but the storm of difficulties to your doorstep. Additionally, when you treat your health with reckless abandon without chewing on any of the doctor’s advice, you are bound to run into health challenges. In scenarios like this, difficulties are simply the consequences of our actions. However, we are not always to blame. Sometimes our fellow humans are to be held responsible, other times the blame is on nature. The people of Australia cannot be blamed for the difficulties they are undergoing due to wildfire.


Sincerely, life can be tricky, but when we consciously make correct choices, we are likely to face fewer difficulties. Nevertheless, what truly matters, in the end, is how we face our challenges head-on, learn from them, grow from the experience, and come out stronger, wiser, and a better version of ourselves.