Working from home

Getting more and more people working from home, my friends, ex-colleague, neighbour and even student ask to study from home once a week.

I firmly believe this will become an ongoing practice which is good because it will give business much more flexibility in workforce arrangement, office space and operation cost.

But somehow lots of companies are not ready, especial the mindset.

1. Some bosses are asking the employee to give a proposal as to how to be productive at home.

2. Some manger requested their team members to text he/her every half an hour.

3. Some Company installing monitoring software in employee laptop and gather usage report.

4. Some ……….

The list goes on.

Manager/bosses/company need to grow up; this is not the way of managing your team. I fully understand your concern, and maybe you should take this opportunity to find out how should you reorganize a better team.


Working from home